Affiliate Disclosure is funded with Affiliate Commissions.

We earn commissions from some of the services/products recommended on this site.

This only happens when you click on our affiliate links (here’s more information on affiliate marketing) and end up purchasing any product or service from our website.

Why are you affiliated with them?

Firstly, because we operate as a business.

Secondly, this helps us to avoid those irritating video, banner and other ads between the content.

Does this impact ratings and reviews their product/services?

No, It does not impact their rating or overall review(s) on our website.

Why are you disclosing this?

We’ve always believed in transparency on the web.

Secondly, we really want to be honest and infront of our website visitors.

Will it cost me anything more, if you buy from your affiliate links?

Absolutely not. It does not and will not cost you more.

In fact in some cases, we’ll try and provide you with unique coupon/discount codes.

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